Maine Sea Grant Undergraduate Scholarship – Deadline April 27

By Madeline Motley w/additions by Chris Petersen

The deadline for the Maine Sea Grant Undergraduate Scholarships is coming up quick!
Maine Sea Grant is accepting applications for their annual Undergraduate Scholarship in Marine Sciences.  This scholarship is open to five Maine undergraduate institutions participating in the Maine Sea Grant program, including College of the Atlantic!  (Also Maine Maritime Academy, University of Maine, University of Maine at Machias, and University of New England, but COA is way cooler.)

Roshni Mangar studying marine mammals.

Roshni Mangar studying marine mammals.

Here is a strong paraphrase from the grant language (you can find all the application information here.)  The scholarship is open to current second- and third-year undergraduate students who are studying marine or coastal issues.  The scholarship program contributes to a statewide network of undergraduate scholars working on marine and coastal issues, and provides students with academic and professional development opportunities.  Successful students will also be invited to a variety of workshops, conferences and events within the state of Maine, including the Maine Invasive Species Network Meeting, Maine Water and Sustainability Conference, a Science Communication workshop for Sea Grant students, and even seaweed cooking classes.  They will even help get you to the events!  Becoming a Sea Grant recipient is worth it just to hear about all of these marine events going on in your state.

Ellie Oldach in her element.

Ellie Oldach in her element.

Natalie Springuel  says, “The other benefit of this scholarship is that students become part of the national Sea Grant network and have access to a world of marine and coastal professionals and institutions that can help open doors for them in the future.” (Quote from last year’s article.)

Did I mention you’ll also be given a $1000 award?  The Maine Sea Grant will put up $500 to be matched with $500 from the home institution for each successful applicant.  Last year there were 10 successful applicants three of which were COA students (Roshni Mangar, Ellie Oldach, and Madeline Motley).   The process was fairly easy and the benefits well worth your time.  They just need a transcript, a resume, the name of a faculty reference, and a short essay on your long-term goals.

So what are you waiting for?  The deadline is just a couple of weeks away. Remember that if you aren’t sure about something, talk to one of last year’s recipients, Natalie, Chris, or other marine science faculty.

Chris forced Madeline to put in a picture of herself when she only wished to hide, so instead she put in her turtle picture.

Chris forced Madeline to put in a picture of herself when she only wished to hide, so instead she put in her turtle picture.

As a matter of full disclosure, Madeline cannot reapply, so she doesn’t mind letting all of you know about this opportunity.  By the way, last year of the 10 students that received awards, COA got 3, University of Maine at Orono got 3, and the other institutions split the remaining 4. Thanks to Sea Grant and COA for this opportunity!  -Chris Petersen

About marinestudiesatcoa

Chris is a professor of marine ecology and policy at College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine
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